Just A Few Examples of our Lighting Effects and Fixtures

The Chauvet 4BAR LED is a must-have light for DJs.  Complete LED wash light. The 4BAR offers both automated and sound activated modes.

Four LED moonflowers each containing 57 red, green, blue LED's to produce razor-sharp rotating beams that move with the music.

 LED Sound Active Moonlight...                                 46 Colored LED's. Shoots out patterns of red, green and blue LED’s

The Chauvet Mini Line Dancer Sound Activated Fan Beam Effect Light puts out fan-shaped beams that crisscross in time to the music for full room coverage

 Burn up the dance floor with this sizzling light effect.  The ADJ Profile Panel RGB LED color panel fixture gives you rich washes, invigorating chase effects, captivating color strobes, and pulse raising motion.

 Chauvet MiN RBX Laser Effect Light projects thousands of red and blue beams, covering a huge area and looking great with or without fog.

LED MUSHROOM with up to 60 sound active beams! Light output is similar to a 250 watt halogen lamp. (red, blue, green, amber). 


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