PA systems can sound worse over time, but it’s not always because of aging components. At Sylmore we understand that, over time, worship styles, volunteers, and staff may change – all having an impact on the different aspects of your PA system. That’s why Sylmore offers Sound Optimization and PA Tuning. Breathe life back into your sound system with a Sylmore Technician and experience a unique blend of Art and Science to make your PA sound new.

Absolutely love the way our room sounds after a few days with Sylmore. They went over and above to make it awesome. thanks!

Mark Reed
Technical Arts Director
Faith Community Church

Sylmore came to us from a teaching perspective. They didn’t just make the room sound good and walk away. They invested into our Ministry.

Deana Harris, Media Minister
Forest Hills Church

Our senior pastor was blown away at the difference. We were able to see the work that was done and the time that was spent, and we didn’t have to buy a bunch of equipment, just a few items to round out our exisiting system.

Ty Curry
First Christian Church


 What's Included

  • Onsite Visit*
  • Written Diagnosis and Evaluation
  • Optimization of All Hardware
  • PA Tuning
  • If needed, recommendations for any upgrades or replacements
    *Travel expenses not included.
      Other Restrictions may apply.

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